Best for Business

  • sPearCat enables you to create fully-customized world-class international Web catalogs.
  • This software suite is designed to help you build a storefront to market your products on-line.
  • sPearCat's expanding feature list keeps you ahead of your competition.
  • Design your own templates, import your data and build your first catalog in two weeks.
  • Make instant updates as needed in-house, with the click of a mouse.

Best for Retail

Reflect your business branding

sPearCat molds itself to your business branding. Your new catalog seamlessly integrates into your branded Website, and allows you to build on previous Web investments and to reflect your carefully crafted paper catalog.

Flexibility of custom design

Optimize your marketing strategies

By embedding merchandising techniques into your catalog, sPearCat maximizes your sales, allowing for total marketing flexibility.

Fine-tuned marketing

Direct your own show

Changes to the database are easily completed through sPearCat's user interface. This keeps your Web catalog development and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Complete and powerful software

Control access to information

You choose the level of personal access rights and permissions for employees, clients ans associates.

Secure data

Proof Test Publish

Your catalogs can be prepared ahead of planned launch dates on one server, while the current catalog is displayed on another server. This allows for complete proofing and testing before public display.

Spectacular results

Best for Wholesale

Update content easily

sPearCat makes it easy to add or modify your products as needed in house with a click of a mouse.

Simple and quick

Cancel downtime

Publish again and again instantaneously. Restock your "shelves" without closing your shop.

Single commit publishing

Improve communication

Your customers can bookmark and return directly to their favorite catalog pages. You can lead them easily to specific products and services.

Increased customer loyalty

Go International

Take your businees anywhere in the world. sPearCat enables you to offer your products in multiple languages simultaneously and assists you in managing shipping, currencies and taxes.

All the tools for international expansion

Manage price lists

You can assign individualized price lists to your distributors, retailers, and consumers. At the same time, you can create price lists that differ from item to item.

Multiple price lists

Invest Wisely

You deserve the highest quality e-catalog for your business. sPearCat will make that a reality.

World class Website