This is the installation for the cost conscious merchant.

The Publisher/Staging is installed on a private server; the Deployment uses sPearCat’s on-demand platform. This solution reduces the investment while preserving the assets invested in creating the Web Catalog.

As with the Professional solution, the Publisher/Staging system is typically installed on merchant premises. If access from multiple offices is required, this system can alternatively be hosted in a third party facility. This system requires a valid Staging sPearCat license.

Use of sPearCat’s on-demand deployment platform is paid for monthly in advance.

There is no limit on the number of users or the number of catalogues built or deployed. A monthly bandwidth of 2 Gb is allowed with basic subscription. This is a generous bandwidth that will suffice for the majority of businesses. If more bandwidth is required by the business, the subscription will be upgraded as per price list enclosed in this booklet.

Merchant’s Internet connection, hardware and database license is not included in sPearCat staging license.