Key Features

first software solution including all the building tools necessary to build a Web catalogue so that you perfectly reflect your business
dual database (staging & deployed) allowing catalog builders to prepare, proof read, and verify a new catalog, with no influence on current deployed one (s) with the same or different data
only a browser needed to create the structure of the database, i.e. the number and nature of the various fields of information for each and every item or category
for whichever marketing strategy you use in your business, whether it be up-selling or cross-selling, seasonal integrated launches or personalized viewing for specific clients
with all database organization, all data entry and data maintenance carried out through a browser, as are the various set-ups of language, taxes, currency and shipping
allowing any number of catalogs to be created from one set of data and deployed concurrently
for any number of personalized price lists to be presented to chosen distributors, retailers, or customers upon log-in
specifically designed for the retail industry where customers can create a list of items or services they would like to receive for special occasions: Holidays, wedding, birthday, birth
specifically addressing the businesses that want to present a collection on line for private viewing ahead of public deployment, each page being accessed by merchant specified username and password
the first software to offer the possibility of building and easily maintaining multi-lingual catalogs in any number of languages (Asian, and Arabic languages included)
for merchants who wish to give particular access rights to particular employees, ensuring easy maintenance, but also security and privacy of certain set-ups and data
each page being bookmarked specifically within a published catalog for targeting audiences with specific advertising and for sharing of information
for customers to be presented with prices that reflect their preferred currency (non-automated currency conversions allowing merchants to remain in perfect control of pricing strategy at the same time as allowing for automatic import of all prices from an ordinary spreadsheet)
adapting to any system of taxation that the business has to adhere to, for any country, state, or province. Exact personalized invoices with the correct tax can then presented to the customer according to billing and shipping address.
for calculating from weight, and volume of items any number of shipping methods used by the business. Exact invoices are presented to the customer for printing and payment on-line.
Customers can be created within the back-office and personalized access attributed, sales processed, and payment taken, adapting to previous business sales processing.
for import of data, word by word, or in bulk by spreadsheet; media files being also imported in both possible ways.