This Website is using many of sPearCat’s resources, including a fully activated shopping cart and gift registry. The owner of eguns has fully branded his Website, personalizing even the news pieces that are linked to items selected by his customers. This very unique Website translates the very unique way Chad runs his business and his customers will feel quite at home using his on-line store and information center.

This efficient wholesale business presentation gallery effectively showcases the varied goods that are for sale in North American Country Home’s warehouse. A picture is taken of each piece of furniture or fitting on arrival, and then placed immediately on the Website. Price lists can be requested on-line. Easy Maintenance is key to this site.

This site’s variety of presentation techniques requires that each individual piece of text be easily updatable. It is an example of an extremely dynamic Website, where the Merchant requires full flexibility over the content. Because each part of the text is entered as a separate item, these updates are simple and fast.

Notice that the template of each example in this portfolio is totally different to the next one. This is because sPearCat has no ‘set’ templates. Each Website is a marketing and sales tool that moulds itself to the business branding.

This bilingual gallery offers over 3,000 pieces of music and cartoons for downloadable sales. The site requires powerful indexing capabilities to ensure that all items can be easily found. Purchase on-line is built into this site.

This on-line vendor of specialty gift baskets wanted a catalog that would not only display each of the baskets, but would promote up selling of the product lines.
Each of the ingredients in each of the individual baskets are not just part of a textual description, but are individual items themselves. This means that as stock on hand changes, the necessary site updates are easily made. Again maintenance for up to date information is key to the business.