Vancouver, BC – March 2005

Techvibes Massive 2005

Vancouver, BC – 30th March 2005 - The Techvibes Massive 2005 trade show on March 30th at Science World was a great success and we thank all those 479 visitors who left a business card in our lucky dip bowl.

We enjoyed talking with you and will be contacting those with specific projects in the next few days. Thank-you for you support and we look forward to meeting you again.

For more information and a price quotation please contact:

sPearWay Ltd.
2568 Byron Road
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 1M2

Tel: +1 (604) 929 9610

About sPearWay Ltd.

sPearWay Ltd. is the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management software. sPearWay’s browser-based flagship software, sPearCat, is a virtual showroom that provides full international commerce facilities. sPearCat is a totally flexible solution that is customized to each merchant’s needs.

sPearWay also designs customized “real time” software through their consulting activity, and advises companies on software management. Additionally, they offer customized hosting solutions to clients with specialized needs.