Vancouver, BC – June 2004

sPearWay Ltd. partners with Main Street Softworks, Inc. to provide customers the payment-processing engine through which to administer e-sales.

Vancouver, BC – June 2004 - sPearWay Ltd. the premier provider of Web e-catalogs today announced a partnership with Main Street Softworks, Inc. where sPearWay will distribute Monetra™ payment systems.

Monetra™ is certified to provide direct credit card/gift card transaction processing to multiple processing institutions, and is a natural accompaniment to sPearCat E-commerce software. Used in conjunction with sPearCat, Monetra™ offers an integrated solution where merchants can create, host, deploy, and now manage fully customizable e-commerce solutions.

“This partnership is a natural for sPearWay. sPearCat offers merchants in-house control over the design, creation, deployment and maintenance of robust, scalable e-commerce solutions”, said Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay Ltd. “Since Monetra™ is designed to scale services from one to thousands of accounts on a single install, and allow the Merchant to own their processor, thereby eliminating costly rental fees. We’re once again empowering our customers, and that is what the sPearCat solution is all about.”

Pricing and Availability

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