Vancouver, BC – July 2003

sPearWay Ltd. Releases sPearCat Publisher Suite v 1.0: The Innovative E-Catalog Solution

Vancouver, BC – July 2003 - sPearWay Ltd., the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management to small and mid size businesses, today announced the launch of sPearCat Software Suite - developed to create and maintain full featured, highly customizable, scalable and compelling Web catalogs.

sPearCat Publisher is a template driven authoring and data management tool that offers features that only the most expensive catalogue software products offer, but at the price of a package. sPearCat Server works with your Web server to serve dynamic catalog pages. Administration tools installed on the hosting Internet server allow secure access to catalogs, while preventing unauthorized access.

sPearWay Limited is the first company to utilize a dual database structure allowing independent Web catalog testing and public viewing. Data is entered, edited and the Web catalog tested on one server, for spectacular and immediate publish on a second live server.

“Our unique technology for the first time allows merchants to create and test multiple catalogs without affecting their current online catalog. This is a tremendously powerful feature that will allow merchants unsurpassed flexibility in their online publishing endeavors. Not only will they be able to bypass mounting production costs associated with traditional print catalogs, they will be able to do so with package-priced software. This will change the way in which online commerce is conducted” said Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay Ltd.

Key Features of sPearCat

sPearCat catalogs offer features that parallel those of large custom-made commercial Websites for a fraction of the cost, including:

Fully browser-based interface– Enabling catalog administrators to maintain sites through client computers running only low-cost browser software. No programming is necessary so updates are fast and easy.
Cross-platform compatibility - sPearCat supports MacOSX, Linux, Windows, Sun, Solaris and HP-UX. To install sPearCat you need an operating system and Apache.
Database structure created online – Eliminating the requirement for HTML knowledge for those updating the database.
Possibility of complete proofing and testing before public display – Allowing merchants to create multiple catalogs from a single database, prior to the scheduled publish date.
License for multiple catalogs for a single merchant – Enabling each merchant the ability to create as many Web catalogs as desired from single license software.
Low cost, price of a package – sPearWay’s full-featured e-commerce solution produces Web catalogs at a fraction of the many comparable Web catalogs, since no IT development is required.
Multi-lingual with localization – sPearCat stores all item specific data with each individual item, making multi-lingual updates fast and easy. An unlimited number of languages are supported this way.
Multi-currency with localization – Allowing for e-commerce transactions in an unlimited number of currencies. sPearCat will automatically adjust for the currency selected for each customer.
Multiple shipping methods – Enabling customers to choose from a merchant preset number of shipping methods.
Scalable and clustering possibilities – Fully scaleable, sPearCat will grow with your expanding business.
Fully bookmarked pages for precise advertising – Since each page has an individual bookmark, customers can be led directly to a particular product through advertising or inter-customer advice.
Powerful search feature – Search with any display name or part of, description or identifier is made possible by sPearCat’s search feature.

Pricing and Availability

For more information and a price quotation please contact:

sPearWay Ltd.
2568 Byron Road
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 1M2

Tel: +1 (604) 929 9610
Fax: +1 (604) 929 3070

About sPearWay Ltd.

sPearWay Ltd. is the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management software. sPearWay’s browser-based flagship software, sPearCat, is used to create and maintain full featured, highly customizable, scalable Web catalogs.

sPearWay also designs customized “real time” software through their consulting activity, and advise companies on software management. Additionally, they offer customized hosting solutions to clients with specialized needs.