Vancouver, BC – October 2003

sPearWay Ltd. Announces the Addition of Back Office to the sPearCat Publisher Suite v 1.1: The Innovative E-Catalog Solution

Vancouver, BC – October 2003 - sPearWay Ltd., the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management to small and mid size businesses, today announced the launch of sPearCat Software Suite v1.1, the new version of their innovative e-catalog software suite developed to create and maintain full featured, highly customizable, scalable and compelling Web catalogs.

sPearCat Publisher is a dual database, template driven, authoring and data management tool that offers features that only the most expensive catalogue software products offer, but at the price of a package. sPearCat Server works with a Web server to serve dynamic catalog pages. Administration tools installed on the hosting Internet server allow secure access to catalogs, while preventing unauthorized access.

New to version 1.1 is the addition of the versatile and robust sPearCat back-office feature. Back-office is used to create and manage accounts or clients, to fill orders, and to manage batch payments with settlement at the end of the day. It is based on a queue system, where each queue is determined by the Merchant to match the exact way in which sales are processed within the company’s organization. A plug-in to monitor usage statistics can also be provided.

“With our innovative back office feature, merchants have a solution that adapts to their existing order fulfillment process. They can integrate Web order processing in their current order processing with minimal impact on their business process” said Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay Ltd.

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sPearWay Ltd. is the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management