Vancouver, BC – October 2004

sPearCat users can now harness the power of OpenBase“ SQL as their chosen database-driven mode of deployment.

Vancouver, BC – October 2004 - sPearWay Ltd. the premier provider of Web e-catalog publishing and content software today announced that the sPearCat solution is now optimized to take full advantage of the powerful OpenBase“ relational database server. OpenBase SQL reduces time, cost and risk of deployment for systems such as sPearCat.

“Of prime importance to us was the desire to offer sPearCat customers another database server choice that offers speed, scalability, data protection, an easy and effective UI, and ongoing, committed customer support”, said Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay Ltd. “ Both sPearWay and OpenBase International, Ltd. share a common vision of providing software that significantly speeds development and cuts costs, while at the same time ensuring user satisfaction and application success.”

OpenBase functions harmoniously with sPearCat in a number of key ways including:

“RAID” for the database: By simultaneously maintaining redundant copies of data on one database, corrupted or lost data can be quickly and easily replaced. OpenBase SQL databases are accurately and automatically rebuilt if files are corrupted due to outage or system failure, meaning that valuable sPearCat Catalogs are protected against accidental loss.

Transaction support: All OpenBase SQL databases fully support transactions, so that either the entire transaction commits or it is entirely rolled back. sPearCat Merchants can create powerful catalogs offering credit card transactions and be confident that their customers can enjoy safe and efficient retrieval of sensitive data.

Speed and scalability: Since sPearCat has been optimized for both speed and scalability, the database with which it interacts should not be limiting in any way. Once again, OpenBase delivers. Used reliably by to process more than 2 million transactions per day, sPearCat Merchants can be assured that their catalogs will support current customer levels, and if required, scale to meet future needs.

Pricing and Availability

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About sPearWay Ltd.

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