Vancouver, BC – December 2004

sPearWay Ltd. Announces the release of sPearCat v2.0

Vancouver, BC – December 2004 - sPearWay Ltd., the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management, today announced the release of sPearCat Suite V 2.0, the newest version of their innovative e-catalog software suite developed to create and maintain full featured, highly customizable, scalable and compelling Web catalogs.

The general look and feel of the interface has been enhanced, improving workflow, aiding users to cross reference items more easily and thereby further increasing customer satisfaction.

Another powerful feature that has been added to the software in Version 2.0 is Private Catalogs. By giving merchants the capability of deploying several catalogs simultaneously with password-protected access to each. Both current and future collections can be readily available according to merchant needs. This is an extremely important feature for industries where like in the apparel industry, buyers routinely need to preview new lines prior to those new collections being officially released. Only those authorized to view a particular catalog, at any given time, are given password access to that catalog, each individual page being bookmarkable “and” user/password protected.

New to version 2.0 is the Installer/Monitor. The Installer offers sPearCat users an easy and fast method to get the software suite up and running on OSX Server in 5 minutes, without reboot. The Monitor’s user-friendly interface provides a control panel style screen where users can monitor the status of and work with their various sPearCat databases.

With sPearCat 2.0 enhancements and the user interface now available in English, French and Japanese, sPearWay is uniquely positioned to accommodate the needs of an increasing large segment of the international e-catalog market.

“The Private Catalogs feature provides merchants with the flexibility they require to implement current marketing programs, while at the same time, allowing them to actively plan, manage and gather feedback on future catalogs. This is an extremely sought after feature in the e-catalog market” said Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay Ltd. “We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer it to our clients along with the new Installer/Monitor and additional interface enhancements.”

Pricing and Availability

For more information and a price quotation please contact:

sPearWay Ltd.
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Tel: +1 (604) 929 9610

About sPearWay Ltd.

sPearWay Ltd. is the premier provider of e-catalog publishing and content management software. sPearWay’s browser-based flagship software, sPearCat, is a virtual showroom that provides full international commerce facilities. sPearCat is a totally flexible solution that is customized to each merchant’s needs. is the Website to be implemented with version 2.0.

sPearWay also designs customized “real time” software through their consulting activity, and advises companies on software management. Additionally, they offer customized hosting solutions to clients with specialized needs.