This type of licensing is for our customers who want to be in full control, when the system is mission critical.

Both the Publisher/Staging and the Deployment systems are on private servers giving the merchant absolute control and best availability.

The Publisher/Staging sPearCat software is typically installed on merchant premises on a merchant’s machine. If access from multiple offices is required, the machine can alternatively be hosted in a third party facility. This system requires a valid Publisher/Staging license.

Deployment is usually from dedicated machines in a third-party hosting facility. The Merchant purchases a deployment license for each installed machine.

Typically a merchant will start with one deployment machine and add more machines (cluster nodes) as the business grows. There is no limit on the number of users or the number of catalogues built or deployed.

Included in the sPearCat package

  • sPearCat Publisher
  • sPearCat Staging Server (On the same machine as sPearCat Publisher)
  • sPearCat Deployment Server (One machine)
  • Integration with Apache
  • Integration with credit card gateway
  • Support for SSL encryption (secure server)
  • Unlimited number of catalogs, unlimited number of seats
Merchant’s Internet connection, hardware and database license is not included in sPearCat staging and deployment licenses.