Training sessions are offered six times per year. Classes are scheduled for three day periods, and run from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with a one hour lunch break.

Training is a hands-on experience intended to allow us and other sPearCat users to share secrets of the trade with you. Training sessions are meant for those who don’t like working from text references but prefer learning through social interaction and exchange of ideas.

If you wish, bring your project idea with you, and discuss your catalog with others. In 3 days you won’t have time to finish your catalog, but the organizational structure will be much more complete and the whole catalog will have the potential of being much more polished.

Training days are full and demanding. If you wish to complete more of your catalog work, you have the option of spending additional time with your tutor. We are here to help jump-start your project.

These training sessions are very exciting, and the catalogs produced thereafter reflect a competence that is difficult to attain through distance education and phone technical support.

Classes are restricted to six people, and training is in our beautiful city of Vancouver. If you wish to visit the sites, plan on staying a fourth day.

The program is as follows:

Day One

sPearCat overview

  • Exploring a typical catalog
  • Manual data entry
  • Template upload using Template Manager
  • Catalog assembly using Catalog Manager
  • Publishing using Publish Manager

Catalog organization

  • Using attribute sets
  • Catalog planning – categories, items and families
  • Uploading data using Import Manager
  • View demo catalog

Free time to work on personal project with tutor

Day Two

Template creation

  • How WebObjects work
  • Writing .html and .wod files
  • Writing a TemplateImportConfig.plist

Graphic sets

  • Organizing your files
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Writing a GraphicSetImportConfig.plist

Free time to work on personal project with tutor

Day three

Constructing a Shopping Cart

Back-office Manager and Reports Manager

Using sPearCat’s multi-lingual feature tax

Tax Codes

Permissions and Access Rights

Free time to work on personal project with tutor